Chastity Stories

Amazon County
By: Kevin Muller
Posted On: 2/11/2010

Jennifer's Journey: The Reality
By: Richy
Posted On: 1/30/2010

A Prisoner of the New Toys
By: HisEmily
Posted On: 1/29/2010

Birthday Fun
By: Al B
Posted On: 12/5/2009

La Bomba
By: Canadom
Posted On: 11/28/2009

Sitter Snatcher
By: Canadom
Posted On: 11/22/2009

My Daring Self-Bondage Public Walk
By: gagged1
Posted On: 10/16/2009

It Seemed Like the Easy Way
By: Jadedbelle
Posted On: 10/15/2009

Be Careful What You Wish For
By: wickids pet
Posted On: 10/4/2009

Only Submission
By: Naughtysub07
Posted On: 9/14/2009

Coworkers Captive
By: gagged20
Posted On: 9/10/2009

Wench's Nipple Party
By: bracemaiden
Posted On: 8/31/2009

Who Owns Me?
By: Danny
Posted On: 8/21/2009

Dear Diary
By: Ontsurt
Posted On: 8/8/2009

The Romban Guest
By: Handcuffgirl
Posted On: 7/6/2009

Bound, Gagged and in Chastity
By: Nikki
Posted On: 6/23/2009

Saturday's Errands
By: slavegirl
Posted On: 6/22/2009

It's Gonna Be A Long Night
By: lockednchaste
Posted On: 6/21/2009

Surprising Myself
By: SG
Posted On: 6/14/2009

A Sudden Mistress
By: A.T Barbarian
Posted On: 6/8/2009

Allison's Adventure
By: Jay Jay
Posted On: 5/21/2009

The Challenge
By: Young and Hung
Posted On: 5/19/2009

A Business Transaction
By: Al B
Posted On: 5/13/2009

24-Hour Control
Posted On: 4/14/2009

Covenant of Steel
By: Darkwolf
Posted On: 3/23/2009

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